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Clear Analytics with Power BI Query Builder

Get more out of Power BI

Clear Analytics Dynamic Query Builder empowers your business users to navigate data buried in your databases

Free up your data analysts time!

Our super intuitive query builder enables non-tech business users to find the data they need to discover risks and opportunities without waiting on IT 

Key Benefits of Clear analytics

Build in Excel

No need to learn a new proprietary analytic solution. Simply go with what you know!

Safe + Secure

Our enterprise strength role based security ensures only those entitled to are allowed to reports.

Full Data Lineage

You will always have the full transparency of exactly where the data came from, when, what filters were applied and who ran the report.

Full Audit & Version Control

Every edit, view and execution is audited for data stewards to observe and monitor usage.

Data Governance & Stewardship

Our enterprise strength security, audit and centralization of all assets ensures a consistently stable platform.

Lightweight and Agile

Get up and running in hours, users can build reports and gain insight "in the same day"

What our Customers Say

"I was honestly taken back when I was first demoed Clear Analytics. I remember thinking that I finally found a program that was developed by someone that has been in my shoes."

C. Petty

Because of the familiarity with Excel, creating and manipulating reports has been easy to roll out, and the program was able to provide actionable data within a month of purchase.

P. Hendon

Everything in one place and fully audit-able in Excel spreadsheets. Business efficiency highly accountable software.

J. Madrid

Discover the great productivity boost of giving users the ability to answer their own questions

Let Clear analytics super charge your analytics!

Business Intelligence firm Clear Analytics certified as BI Rising Star

Independent review platform FinancesOnline recognizes Clear Analytics as a Business Intelligence Software Rising Star

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Embed Excel Into your Blogs

Microsoft have opened up Excel visibility to all those that have OneDrive, a very powerful way to share visualizations online without the need for an expensive report server.

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Self-service Business Intelligence, your personal data analyst

When CNBC described data analysis as the sexiest job of the 21st century, they were not joking. What they had inferred was simply that there is a huge shortage of data analyst skills relative to the growing demand for such expertise.

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Should businesses invest more in support to achieve successful user adoption?

It is not simply a case of “If we build, they will come”, support is a key factor in successful self-service user adoption

In a recently published viewpoint at BeyeNetworksMarty Carney discusses the importance of effective training and support for Business Intelligence tools. If users of business intelligence tools don’t “receive effective training and mentorship, they simply won’t use those tools.” Ultimately reverting back to manual and inefficient methods they are most familiar with. Indeed, industry reports suggest that more than 60% of BI implementations fail due to lack of end-user adoption.

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Breaking Down Business Intelligence

A common question many companies of all sizes are asking right now is how best to invest in Business Intelligence to get tangible results fast! Its official, Information is the new oil and how to leverage it to serve customers better, build products customers love and increase operational efficiency can all result in a significant advantage over the competition.

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Excel for iPad expands the reach of Self Service Business Intelligence

Excel on iPad expands the promise of Self Service BI by enabling everyday users to distribute information in a manner which now can be easily accessible via the most popular mobile tablet in the world today, the iPad.

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