What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is a self-service data consolidation tool, Business Intelligence and Reporting tool-all in one.

How is it different from Excel?

Clear Analytics allows for usage of all excel native functions and has extra features that virtually eliminates the deficiencies in excel as a reporting tool. In turn it makes Excel a safe, secure and reliable business intelligence application.

Can you consolidate data from any data source?

Clear Analytics fetches data from any variety of sources (onsite or offsite) and brings that data in a clean traceable manner into Excel.

How much does Clear Analytics cost?

Please visit the pricing section to view our pricing structure.

Is there a limit to the number of users?

CA can handle an unlimited number of users, in terms of ‘concurrent users’, the requests are throttled to the number of open connections your data sources allows.

How does it affect my productivity?

Imagine fresh data getting injected into your spreadsheets on demand. No copy/pasting, importing from files or manually archiving older spreadsheets. Clear Analytics drastically speeds your ability to bring together fresh data whilst removing the risks associated with the manual preparation of documents.

How does it differ from other known BI tools?

There is no data-warehouse or specialist report developers needed, saving significantly on cost. If you have a data-warehouse, that’s ok too.Clear Analytics allows the use of all native excel functions so no additional analytical training is required, meaning you will gain high adoption compared to other tools

What are the extra skills I need to learn in order to use CA?

Only excel

How much time does it take to set up CA?

Setting up Clear Analytics is extremely simple and can range from 2 hours-24 hours depending on the scale of implementation.

Is it single user/ multi user

Clear Analytics is Enterprise-ready and allows for fine grained Entitlements.

Can I use a trial version?

Get your trial version here and try free for 30 days.

Where are the reports stored?

All the spreadsheets are stored centrally on the Clear Analytics application server. Ensuring your reports are safe, secure, version controlled and fully audited.

What about back up/recovery options

As your reports and data are stored on our application server, you have the option to revert back to a prior version if need be.

What categories (industry/ function) of reports can be generated?

Since Clear Analytics is an excel based reporting, we can work with you to customize it for any Vertical or Horizontal.

Do I need to setup an extra server/ machine?

The Clear Analytics application server can be installed on an existing application server. However it would be recommended to switch to a dedicated server if you intend to query large volumes of big datasets in your reporting.

Do I need to purchase a 3rd party license/ software?

Only Microsoft office 2007 and above.

Do you have Training/ Documentation/ Support-Online & offline?
  • We have onsite training at the time of set up (depending on location)
  • Video documentation on the website
  • Written manual on the website
  • Helpline number and E-mail ID for anytime support