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team edition

Upto 8 Users
$ 29
/ MO
  • Up To 25 Users
  • Unlimited Queries
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Data Shares
  • 3 Connections

small business

25+ Users
($8 user/month)
$ 59
/ MO
  • Up To 50 Users
  • Unlimited Queries
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Data Shares
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Parallel Query Engine
  • Power BI Publisher


Multi Cluster
  • 50+ Users
  • Unlimited Queries
  • Unlimited Reports
  • Unlimited Data Shares
  • Unlimited Connections
  • Parallel Query Engine
  • PowerBI Publisher
  • Scheduler
  • Data Profiler
  • Load Management
  • Reconcilation Engine
  • SDK


Feature Summary

User – Users are either classified as Administrators, Designers or Read-Only. Unlike many other products, we do not restrict user types. If you want all your users to be Designers, so be it!

Query – A query is a segment of data that get’s pulled from a given source of data.

Report – Essentially a collection of query outputs that are layout onto a spreadsheet template.

Data Share – An innovative feature to ingest data from a spreadsheet that can be maintained and centralized in the Clear Analytics middleware. Treat this data share data like it is a query and use in many reports, knowing that the data is consistant across all your reports as it is centralized and managed by Clear Analytics.

Connection – This will be a connection to the numerous databases, these databases can reside on premises or hosted on the cloud.

Parallel Query Engine – Clear Analytics can manage the numerous report run requests and ensure not too many connections are made to a given database. Preventing the risk of slowing down your environment and ensuring the load to the database is acceptable to your database administrators.

Scheduler – Schedule your reports to run first thing in the morning or after an event so your reports are ready to view the instant they are opened.

Data Profiler – Our innovative data profiler analysis a piece of data for completeness and comprehensiveness. For example, identify how many rows have the ZIP code populated in a given dataset. This is a very helpful tool for data stewards to understand how complete and comprehensive certain fields are ahead of performing analysis.

Reconciliation Engine – Compare 2 datasets for view a dataset on the differences, compare one system to another or the results of 2 queries. Great for regression testing between test and production to understand the differences of data before you commit a release.

PowerBI Publisher – Push your dataset to Microsofts for you to use the online portal to view dashbaords on a browser or on mobile devices.

SDK – If your data is located on a proprietary system or needs special processing before loading into Clear Analytics, an SDK is available to ensure you are never stuck in getting a piece of data into Clear Analytics.

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