Video Tutorials

It only takes 3 steps to get you started:

  1. Download and Install Clear Analytics on your desktop
  2. Connect to your data
    a. Connect to your Database & then start creating your Queries
    b. Connect to your pre-existing spreadsheets
  3. Start creating your Reports and Dashboards





View how to download and install Clear Analytics from our website, including some troubleshooting tips and tricks.
Learn how to safety store data where everyone in the organization has access to the latest and most accurate data. You can also govern who can edit the data also,
Understand how quick and simple an end user can run reports or simply view prerun reports. Perform simple ad hoc analysis and dynamically refresh data.
Learn how to connect to your data sources, select the schema and tables you wish to import, set up metadata as well as business names and organizing them in a user friendly tree.
Build dynamic queries to get the exact data you are looking for right within Excel. Create custom formulas and filters.
Create reports consisting of queries and data shares. Build Dashboards, KPI’s or Scorecards right within Excel.