Business Intelligence firm Clear Analytics certified as BI Rising Star

Independent review platform FinancesOnline recognizes Clear Analytics as a Business Intelligence Software Rising Star

The popular software review directory FinancesOnline recently recognized Clear Analytics as a highly reliable brand that customers can trust for self service business intelligence, creating timely reports and procuring smart business insights by all business professionals, not just the tech savvy ones.

FinancesOnline noted a high 99 percent user satisfaction rating for Clear Analytics through their Customer Satisfaction algorithm, a tool that gathers all types of feedback from across the internet. This positive reception means that our clients are satisfied with our Clear Analytics pricing, its value proposition and various functionalities. In recognition of this achievement, FinancesOnline awarded us with their Rising Star for 2018 title.

Clear Analytics Awarded Business Intelligence Rising Start and Great User Experience

The Rising Star award is given to products that made a mark on the industry, specifically among the list of BI software companies of 2018 on the market, based on positive traction with clients. Moreover, software solutions with this award are considered as a “really efficient” platform for solving various work processes and issues in the workplace.

FinancesOnline also conducted a thorough analysis of our platform and tested how our platform enables businesses to make better business decisions. For their review team, Clear Analytics provides great accessibility for all due to its ease of use in obtaining and generation reports.

“Using its advanced and powerful business features, even novice and inexperienced users get to provide great Excel competence, unlike other tools where it would take years to achieve the same levels of data analysis,” wrote FinancesOnline

clear analytics business intelligenceDue to Clear Analytics’ simplicity in extracting data from various data sources into digestible professional reports, FinancesOnline recognized our platform with the Great User Experience award for 2018. This is a meaningful award to our team that has worked hard to ensure that businesses are equipped with a user-friendly but powerful self-service BI that allows them to use smart insights to drive their business to the next level.

The Clear Analytics team would like to thank FinancesOnline for the positive review and for including us in their carefully selected list of top BI software solutions. We also sincerely thank all our users for this accomplishment. Rest assured we will continue to go beyond the extra mile to make life better and easier for your business.

View the Clear Analytics review here or click here to learn more about Clear Analytics.

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