Clear Analytics Self Service Analytics

Self Service Analytics

Powerful features that empowers everyone to contribute to the data revolution

A unique balance of business freedom and IT governance gives Clear Analytics a distinct advantage over other self service offerings

Waiting for hours, days or weeks on IT to deliver you the data you need?

Clear Analytics is born from decades of experience in delivering cutting edge self-service capabilities to the most demanding industries.

Empowers business users to gain direct access to data whilst giving IT the ability to monitor and secure their infrastructure always.


Imagine getting a direct line to the full library of data in your organization! A user-friendly dynamic query builder is built right into Excel, for the first time enabling novice business users ‘governed’ access data.

Business users have the freedom to select fields, filter, aggregate, create calculated fields, drag & drop to spreadsheets and share their insights without leaving the familiar Excel environment, and all without IT


Share your queries and reports within a simple drag & drop, no IT admins needed to share your insights. Simply drag from your Private space into a designated folder in Shared.

All reports are secured centrally and viewable to only those who are authorized.


Self Service effortlessly extends to collaboration with Clear Analytics by building sharing capability right into Excel. All spreadsheets managed centrally, version controlled and access is granted through fine grained entitlements.

Centralization brings the added benefit of allowing effortless sharing by simply allowing you to drag and drop your insights into the Shared or Public

Let Clear Analytics extract and store spreadsheet data centrally 


As an industry first, Clear Analytics frees the data buried in spreadsheets, storing them centrally so that they can be leveraged by others in the organization.

Studies show that 30% of an organization’s data resides in spreadsheets, forcing businesses to proliferate spreadsheets via email or fileshare to distribute the data. The owner of the data share can govern if others can edit the data or if the data is simply read-only for consumers.

"I was honestly taken back when I was first demoed Clear Analytics. I remember thinking that I finally found a program that was developed by someone that has been in my shoes."
C. Petty
Operations Analyst