Clear Analytics + Power BI
A Powerful Combination!

Clear Analytics Dynamic Query Builder Delivers Self Service Ad Hoc
Reporting to Power BI

Free your data analyst from
ad hoc requests

An intuitive query builder built right in Excel enables non-technical business users to explore data buried in databases.

Then simply drag and drop the data onto the spreadsheet for it to be used by Power Query and Power Pivot.

Alternatively have Clear Analytics publish the data to SharePoint or OneDrive for the data to be consumed by Power BI Portal or Power BI Desktop

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See our Query Builder in Action

Leverage the power of a Semantic Layer

Clear Analytics is the central solution to pull data wherever it resides. Answering questions about data power BI alone can not.

– What report is this?
– Where did it come from?
– How old is the data?
– What filters were applied ?
– Who ran the report?

Clear Analytics helps the users build trust with the number they see. You get transparency, consistency and governance of your entire reporting infrastructure!

Publish On-Premises data to Power BI

Clear Analytics has the capability to publish your Ad Hoc queries onto SharePoint or OneDrive. The data can then be consumed by Power BI portal, enabling your insights to be available on a variety of devices.

– IOS Devices
   – iPad, iPhone & iWatch
– Andriod
– Online
– Windows Power BI Desktop


Download Clear Analytics onto your Windows PC and give it a try for yourself!


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