Clear Analytics is Self Service Data Analytics with Excel

Make Everyone A Power Analyst!

  • Powerful Business Intelligence Using EXCEL!
  • Fast & Easy No Training - No Migration!
  • Share & Collaborate Securely
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Excel Functionality

Integrate directly with your current Excel environment. No migration or training. Create custom dashboards and queries in minutes.

Business Freedom

Self Service Analytics allows access to data without waiting on IT.
Add custom queries, drag-and-drop,
and collaborate right inside Excel.

Leverage Power BI

IT maintains governance, monitors data utilization behavior, and infrastructure security, allowing focus on improving data quality and delivery.

Integrate with Microsoft Power BI

Clear Analytics aggregates data from a variety of sources, then leverage Microsoft’s Power BI features to enable you to wrangle, filter, model and visualize your insights. Clear Analytics can also publish datasets directly to Power BI portal.

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Accurate Data For All

Continue using Excel, but with the added benefit of accessing accurate data on-demand. No more delays searching your email for versions. Elevate all users productivity by giving them the tools to be their own data analysts and collaborate freely.

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Data Sharing Between Departments

Increase productivity by granting departments easy yet secure access to company data. Departments don’t wait on analysts. Analysts focus on high-impact work.
IT frees up resources for security and governance.

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Governance & Compliance

IT maintains control. All changes are logged, version-controlled and fully auditable.
Reports and queries are stored centrally and shared through a sophisticated entitlement layer.

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