April 8, 2015

Should businesses invest more in support to achieve successful user adoption?

It is not simply a case of “If we build, they will come”, support is a key factor in successful self-service user adoption

In a recently published viewpoint at BeyeNetworksMarty Carney discusses the importance of effective training and support for Business Intelligence tools. If users of business intelligence tools don’t “receive effective training and mentorship, they simply won’t use those tools.” Ultimately reverting back to manual and inefficient methods they are most familiar with. Indeed, industry reports suggest that more than 60% of BI implementations fail due to lack of end-user adoption.

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Breaking Down Business Intelligence

A common question many companies of all sizes are asking right now is how best to invest in Business Intelligence to get tangible results fast! Its official, Information is the new oil and how to leverage it to serve customers better, build products customers love and increase operational efficiency can all result in a significant advantage over the competition.

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Excel for iPad expands the reach of Self Service Business Intelligence

Excel on iPad expands the promise of Self Service BI by enabling everyday users to distribute information in a manner which now can be easily accessible via the most popular mobile tablet in the world today, the iPad.

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