Self Service Analytics

Powerful features that empowers everyone to contribute to the data revolution

Powerful Self Service Analytics

In a world that seeks to leverage its data to gain a competitive advantage, waiting hours, days or weeks on IT to deliver you data is unacceptable. The standard process of interacting between business analysts, data analysts, report developers and release management to deliver reports is quickly becoming a remnant of the past. In contrast, Clear Analytics is born from decades of experience in delivering cutting edge self-service technology to the most demanding industries.

By using the latest concepts in logical data warehouse methodology and self-service best practices, Clear Analytics delivers a solution that empowers business users to gain direct access to data without relying on IT. However, IT is still in full control and can monitor and secure their infrastructure at all times; this way, IT can see data utilization behavior and focus resources on improving data quality and delivery where it matters.

This unique balance of business freedom and IT governance gives Clear Analytics a distinct advantage over competing analytics platforms.

Query Designer

Imagine getting a direct line to the full library of data in your organization! A user-friendly dynamic query builder is built right into Excel, for the first time enabling novice business users ‘governed’ access to enterprise data right.

Business users have the freedom to select fields, filter, aggregate, create calculated fields, drag & drop to spreadsheets and share their insights without leaving the familiar Excel environment, and all without IT. All queries and reports have an owner and are fully version controlled, providing security while delivering a new level of unprecedented freedom.

The query designer is not just a dynamic SQL Query builder, but it is also able to interface with cloud services as well as interface using any proprietary data source via the SDK.

In-Excel Collaboration

in-excel-collabAll spreadsheets and data retrieved from various sources are stored and managed centrally. All changes made to reports, queries and all other artifacts are audited, versioned and stored centrally. The ability to administer and manage which members receive access to what helps address even the most stringent governance and compliance related concerns.

Full Centralization & Version Control

Self Service effortlessly extends to collaboration wcentralization_version_controlith Clear Analytics by building sharing capability right into Excel. No more navigating clumsy portals or requesting IT to grant others access to your insights. All spreadsheets are stored and managed centrally, changes are version controlled and access is granted through fine grained entitlements.

Central brings the added benefit of allowing effortless sharing by simply allowing you to drag and drop your insights into the Shared or Public domains.

Secure Local Spreadsheet Data

data_shareAs an industry first, Clear Analytics frees the data buried in spreadsheets, storing them centrally so that they can be leveraged by others in the organization. Studies show that 30% of an organization’s data resides in spreadsheets, forcing businesses to proliferate spreadsheets via email or fileshare to distribute the data. The owner of the data share can govern if others can edit the data or if the data is simply read-only for consumers.