Clear Analytics + Power BI = An Incredible Enterprise Analytics Platform!

Power BI brings the power, Clear Analytics delivers the data

Business users and Data analysts alike absolutely love the extra power and capabilities of Power BI because it extends MS Excels capabilities above and beyond the status quo. However, Power BI does not address one fundamental capability: to safely and securely pull data from enterprise data sources.
Even with Power BI, data must still be pulled in from on-premises systems via flat files or direct connections to the database, which is never allowed in most enterprises. If you are lucky, maybe an OData option is available, but this is not a popular form of data consumption. And so the old story of pulling in orphaned data from flat files continues, albeit you can consume a lot more of it!

Clear Analytics address data acquisition for Power BI to works its magic

Power BI’s capabilities enables a richer level of consumption, transformation and visualization, but does not address the question of data acquisition. How does the data get into the workbook, where did it come from, when was it imported and were filters ever applied? Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered, formulating uncertainty regarding the validity of the data. Unless you have a direct connection to the database, you will need to manually update your data; sadly, this problem continues to exist and has not been addressed by the new Power BI feature set.

Clear Analytics delivers collaboration

The capabilities that Power BI holds will make most business think twice about purchasing a competing solution that will ultimately cost far more. The one reason that businesses may consider a competing solution is a collaborative server component, which is lacking in Power BI. Clear Analytics patches this hole with a powerful collaborative layer, enabling users to share their insights without resorting to emailing or dumping spreadsheets in shared drives.
Clear Analytics completes the full picture of a vibrant collaborative self-service solution. Truly, Power BI and Clear Analytics combined complete the picture of an enterprise business analytics platform at a fraction of the cost of competing Client / Server analytics solutions.