Self Service business intelligence.
Making life better for

Make everyone in your organization a power analyst

Introducing the Next Level of Self-Service Analytics

Now everyone in the firm has secure and governed access to enterprise data right at their fingertips.

Data Access to All

Clear Analytics brings powerful Self-service Business Intelligence. Making everyone in the organization a power analyst – no manual needed!
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Excel made Safe & Secure

Audit and Compliance will rejoice that all spreadsheets are now centralized and the data within is accurate and fully auditable.

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Clear Analytics + Power BI is a Hit!

The combination of Clear Analytics and Power BI delivers an incredibly powerful analytics platform accessible to business users.

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The business users’ personal data analyst

A beautiful compromise that allows you to continue ‘business as usual’ with Excel, but with the added benefit of receiving accurate data on-demand. Allow your users to continue with what they know, and elevate their productivity to the next level. Clear Analytics has been developed to provide you with outstanding business efficiencies and rapid ROI.

Unprecedented Adoption

Only 30% of businesses use organizational BI solution

Imagine an office where only 30% of users had access to Google? By enabling everyone in the organization to have easy access to company data, productivity pushes to a whole new level.

Let’s turn that 30% to 100%

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