Self Service business intelligence.
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Make everyone in your organization a power analyst

Introducing the Next Level of Self-Service Analytics

Now everyone in the firm has secure and governed access to enterprise data right at their fingertips.

Data Access to All

Clear Analytics embodies powerful self-service BI, making everyone in the organization a power analyst— no manual needed!

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Excel made Safe & Secure

Audit and Compliance will rejoice because all spreadsheets are now centralized and the data within is accurate and fully auditable.

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Clear Analytics + Power BI is a Hit!

Power BI delivers an incredibly powerful analytics platform that is accessible to business users.

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Clear Analytics brings self service analytics to Excel & Power BI.

Imagine supercharging your companies ability to discover risks and opportunities without bringing in a big analytics product. Clear Analytics brings the worlds data into Excel, use your existing expertise to find insight and leverage Power BI to publish your discoveries.

Only 30% of businesses use organizational BI solution

Can you imagine an office in which only 30% of users have access to Google? Through granting everyone in the organization easy access to company data, productivity is augmented to a whole new level.

Let’s turn that 30% to 100%.

The business users’ personal data analyst

This is a beautiful compromise that allows you to continue ‘business as usual’ with Excel, but with the added benefit of receiving accurate data on-demand. Allow your users to continue with what they know and elevate their productivity to the next level. Clear Analytics has been developed to provide you with outstanding business efficiencies and rapid ROI.

Governance & Compliance

Rest assured that business users have access to the golden enterprise source, every number can be traced back to the source and that individuals are accountable for all reporting.

All reports and queries are stored centrally and are shared through a sophisticated entitlement layer. All changes are logged, version-controlled and fully auditable.

What our users are saying

Find out why our users keep using Clear Analytics

I was honestly taken back when I first demoed Clear Analytics. I remember thinking that I finally found a program that was developed by someone that has been in my shoes.

C. PettyOperations Analyst @ Pershing Yoakley & Associates

One can expect a huge cost savings in not requiring a dedicated reporting writer on staff. Expect your financial end users creating a sharing reports from day 1!

B. PatelSenior Manager @ Consulting Firm